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I specialize in working with authors to design book covers and accompanying social media adverts. My main focus is on speculative fiction but please feel free to get in touch if you like the style and want something no matter the genre.

I can also offer designs for advertising (business cards, banners, etc.) and for merchandise (t-shirts, cups, etc.) I don't personally deal with the items and have myself had items worked on from Solopress, Redbubble, Vistaprint, Threadless, and Workwear Express.

I'm a solo designer living in the UK but am open for worldwide submissions, If you are looking to purchase my services I'll advise finding out my current turnover time as this can fluctuate, also I'd advise anyone looking to get work done on their books to not leave things until the last week, there are things that can hold this up and it's always a lot better being ready a week or two before release than cutting to the wire.

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